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Review: Mystic Dragon Zord and Green Ranger (Power Rangers Super Megaforce)

Mystic Dragon Zord and Green Ranger
$14.97 at Walmart


It’s no surprise that the Zord Vehicle line for Super Megaforce consists of the various Gokai Machines. While of course they aren’t as functional as their more expensive Gokaiger counterparts, they all include Zord Builder functionality, making them well worth the pricetag. Included with the Mystic Dragon, based off of Power Rangers Mystic Force, is a Mystic Force Red Ranger Key, and a Green Super Megaforce Ranger figure. Like most figures that come with these, it’s awful. The Ranger Key activates the “Mystic Force!” phrase in the Legendary Morpher, if that wasn’t obvious. The Dragon itself can flap its wings when a key is inserted into its back, and features minimal movement in the head, mostly for transformation purposes. Combining the Mystic Dragon with the Legendary Megazord will give you the Mystic Force Legendary Megazord. There are different ways of doing the combination based on the box art and the instructions, so do whatever you like the most, though putting the wings on the front of the arms is most accurate to the show. Overall, the Dragon is a neat little toy that makes a pretty nifty combination for the Legendary Megazord. While not as colorful in the wings as his Japanese counterpart, as a standalone toy, he’s just as fun as the Magi Dragon release, and pretty cheap at the end of it all. To top it off, you get the Mystic Force Red Ranger Key, just in case you don’t feel like buying the Ranger Key Packs. Well worth the price in my opinion, though I’m sure many will disagree.

[youtube http://youtu.be/SlB_Qs6VDNY]

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