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Review: Zeo Racer Zord and Red Ranger (Power Rangers Super Megaforce)

Zeo Racer Zord and Red Ranger
$14.97 at Walmart


Our final Zord Vehicle for the first wave is a Power Rangers original: the Zeo Racer Zord! As evident by the name, it pays tribute to Power Rangers Zeo. It’s a remold of the Delta Runner Zord done up to homage the Red Battlezord! Included with the racer is the crappy Red Ranger figure and a Zeo Red Ranger Key. Because it’s a remold, there isn’t a whole lot new. The design of the front sections and middle portion are all new, and resemble the arms and head of the Battlezord respectively. With this release, I really appreciate the battle station mode this mold now has. I prefer to put the Zeo Racer in this form, so that it’s heavily different than the Delta Runner, and gives the appearance of something brand new, rather than just a remold of the Delta Runner. Plus it fits Zeo a little bit better in my opinion. As per usual on this these, there are many different ways to combine it with the Legendary Megazord, and given how it’s an all new Zord with no use in the show, leave it to your imagination. I like putting the “arms” on the top of the Sky Ship to emulate the combination in Zeo. It’s not the best, but it looks pretty neat. Overall, it has the same functions as the Delta Runner Zord, but in a new package that I honestly like a whole lot better. It just works a lot for me, and I like the level of play it brings to the line.

[youtube http://youtu.be/bHdDAqeeZsE]

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