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Review: Tokkyu Jyousha Pass ToQBuckle (Ressha Sentai ToQger)

Tokkyu Jyousha Pass ToQBuckle (Express Ride Pass ToQBuckle)
Retail Release – February, 2014 – ¥2,500


Get your ToQBuckle from CSToys International!

Every year we receive a buckle toy of some sort, and ToQger is no exception. Here we have the Tokkyu Jyousha Pass (Express Ride Pass) ToQBuckle! It was released at the show’s premier in February, 2014 for the reasonable price of ¥2,500. Included with this set is the Rainbow Pass, the ToQBuckle, and the Shield Ressha. The ToQBuckle itself consists of the buckle and two straps, that are certainly sized for their target audience. Unfortunately the buckle is a slot as opposed to a clip, so if you want to wear it on your actual belt, you’ll have to feed the belt in and hope it fits. The Rainbow Pass is the pass the ToQgers use to board their Ressha and ride the Rainbow Line. The pass is a thin plastic holder with a hollowed out back (I guess you could put your own sticker back here if you wanted?) and a metallic sticker on the front. The sticker is actually pretty neat, featuring the TQG logo, a neat design, and the serial number “1975-2014-38” referencing the year Sentai started, the current year, and the fact that ToQger is the 38th Sentai. The pass has a slot in the front in which a card (or your actual train pass, should you have one) can slot in, allowing kids (or adults) to use the Rainbow Pass to board trains, just like the ToQger! It’s a really simple feature, but I think it’s something that’s actually really cool for kids. The buckle and pass both don’t have lights or sounds, which is always a bummer, but given the cheap price of the buckle toys, it is to be expected. The Shield Ressha can plug into the arms of ToQ-Oh and open up to reveal a shield for the robot. To top it off, it can be used in the ToQChanger to transform into ToQ 1Gou Shield, transfer into any ToQger Shield, or summon the Shield Ressha, unlocking all new sounds. Despite the fact that it’s cheap, the ToQBuckle lacks a lot of playability. However, I think kids will really like it, and the ability for it to hold an actual train pass is great for their imagination. The included Shield Ressha also makes it an easy pick up. If these things don’t entice you though, it’s a pretty easy pass. Get it? Pass? Hah.

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