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Review: DX Peach Energy Lock Seed

DX Peach Energy Lock Seed
Retail Release – February, 2014 – ¥1,800


Lock On! Get your Peach Energy Lock Seed from CSToys International!

Our potentially last Energy Lock Seed is that of Kamen Rider Marika, the Peach Energy Lock Seed. It was released in February, 2014 for the usual price of ¥1,800. The Peach is a reverse Cherry, splitting open from the top to reveal the design inside. Functionality is nothing surprising to Lock Seed collectors. The main button in the back will cycle through the four Energy system sounds while the big button on the side will unlock the Lock Seed and play the Peach Energy jingle. Plug her into a Genesis Driver to hear the full transformation sound, along with the “Peach Energy Squash!” and “Peach Energy Sparking!” sounds. As will all Energy Lock Seeds, you can attach it and the Genesis Core to the Sengoku Driver to transform into the Jinba Peach Arms. This lets you hear the “Jinba Peach Squash!” “Jinba Peach Au Lait!” and “Jinba Peach Sparking!” attack sounds. Lastly, the Peach Energy Lock Seed can also be used in the Sonic Arrow, Sengoku Driver proper, and Musou Saber for even more sounds. It’s great to see some more female Rider action, and Marika proves to be one of the most capable yet. Definitely a great Lock Seed, and a nice way to round out the four Energy lineup.

[youtube http://youtu.be/VxAj0GPrvZE]

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