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Review: Arms Change 09 – Kamen Rider Kurokage Matsubokkuri Arms & Tulip Hopper Set (Kamen Rider Gaim)

Arms Change 09 – Kamen Rider Kurokage Matsubokkuri Arms & Tulip Hopper Set
Retail Release – February, 2014 – ¥4,000


Grab your Kurokage and Tulip Hopper from CSToys International!


Our ninth numbered release and second combo pack is none other than Kamen Rider Kurokage in his only form: Matsubokkuri Arms. Included with him is the Tulip Hopper, a new Lock Vehicle that gives the user a lot of mobility and power. The set was released in February, 2014 for ¥4,000. Kurokage includes his Matsubokkuri Arms, which gives him the Kagematsu, a spear weapon. The Tulip Hopper is really neat, having small pegs on the vehicle so the figure can stand securely. It’s not poseable enough to imitate a large hop, but it’s still really cool for displays. Kurokage’s base suit is really boring, but wearing the Matsubokkuri Arms, I actually really like it. The Matsubokkuri Arms looks really great on the other figures too. As with all Arms Change figures, between the base figure, the Arms, and now the Lock Vehicle, this set adds so much playability to the line, it’s certainly worth the pick up. Unfortunately Arms Change figures are really hard to come by, so good luck in the hunt!

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