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Review: DX Kachidoki Lock Seed (Kamen Rider Gaim)

DX Kachidoki Lock Seed
Retail Release – March, 2014 – ¥2,000


Get your Kachidoki Lock Seed from CSToys International!

Gaim’s next large scale upgrade comes in the form of the Kachidoki Lock Seed, an orange turned epic by the powers that be. It grants Gaim the DJ Gun, as well as an absolutely amazing looking armor and strength. It was released in March, 2014 alongside the DJ Gun. As a toy, the Kachidoki Lock Seed is roughly the same size as a normal Lock Seed, albeit a little more boxy. It also features a big keyhole on the side, to be used with the upcoming Kiwami Lock Seed to activate Gaim’s probably final form. Some sounds for Kiwami Arms can be unlocked just by your finger turning the chamber, but the Kiwami Lock Seed is needed to get the eventual full effect. The Kachidoki Lock Seed functions the same as any other Lock Seed, with four button press sounds (though they’re new and unique to the Lock Seed), the call out with the unlock button, and the usual activation noise and three attacks. While it doesn’t do a whole lot extra than a normal Lock Seed without it’s final form brethren, it’s a great toy with some cool sounds. Not to mention the sounds unlocked by the DJ Gun are neat too, and the two make a great pair. If you haven’t been collecting all the Lock Seeds so far, this is one that is a definite pick up, and shouldn’t be skipped.

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