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V-Log: Gotta Catch Den All!

I think my brain is honestly bleeding from how awful the pun in the title is. Oh well, I brought it upon myself. Anyway, the much awaited Den Tour is finally here! Some things are still out of place and a mess, but for the most part things are where I want them to be, so I decided to go ahead and show it off anyway. If I manage to finish the cleaning this month, I’ll do another quick tour next V-Log. Keep an eye on my review schedule as I iron everything out for the remainder of the month and early May. Really hoping to get the backlog I have done, or at least a small dent of it. Really looking forward to getting some new Pokémon content on my channel as well, given how I haven’t been able to afford a lot of the newer card boxes and such. Anyway, keep an eye on things, and as always, thanks for the support! I’ll be announcing a new way you can support me in the next week or so.

[youtube http://youtu.be/vifv4PXCjh8]


From OkinawamToySeller:
• S.H.Figuarts – Kyoryu Gold
• Makai-Kado – Gai the Sky Bow Knight
• (via Yahoo Japan!) Pokémon Zukan XY01 Set of 4
• SEVERAL awesome Japanese movie posters!

From AmiAmi:
• Ressha Sentai ToQger – Norikae Change Series ToQ 1Gou
• Ressha Sentai ToQger – Norikae Change Series ToQ 2Gou
• Ressha Sentai ToQger – Norikae Change Series ToQ 4Gou
• Ressha Sentai ToQger – Renketsu Bazooka
• Kamen Rider Gaim – RHS09 Kamen Rider Gaim Kachidoki Arms
• Ultraman – Ultra Hero Series 26 Tiga Dark
• Ultraman – Ultra Hero Series 27 Ultraman Dark
• Pokémon – PokéPla 33+34 Xerneas & Yveltal Set
• Pokémon TCG – (4) Mega Charizard Sleeves
• Pokémon TCG – Mega Charizard Deck Box
• Detail of Heroes 08 – Style: Kamen Rider Wizard


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