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Review: ToQ Ressha 06 + 07 – Tank Ressha & Car Carrier Ressha (Ressha Sentai ToQger)

ToQ Ressha 06: Tank Ressha
ToQ Ressha 07: Car Carrier Ressha
Retail Release – March, 2014 – ¥1,500 each



Tank Ressha at CSToys International!
Car Carrier Ressha at CSToys International!

For those wondering, the five Ressha that comprise ToQ-Oh were considered ToQ Ressha 01-05, leaving our first Support Ressha releases as 06 and 07: the Tank Ressha and the Car Carrier Ressha. Both were released early March, 2014 for ¥1,500, a nice affordable price for those collecting these neat little trains. The Tank Ressha is a blue fuel liner that can connect with the other Ressha to “refuel” their Imagination Power. The Car Carrier Ressha is rather self-explanatory, as this big orange train houses five cars that the ToQgers can drive should the situation call for it. Both Ressha are similar to those found in ToQ-Oh, as they consist of two parts. The front part is the main piece, which features the notches for the ToQChanger sounds. The two parts have fold out tabs that can connect (just like other Ressha) to make a big long train of awesome. Tank Ressha’s two pieces replace the Yellow and Pink Ressha to make ToQ-Oh Tank. This form turns ToQ-Oh into a boxer of sorts. The Car Carrier’s entire length replaces the Yellow Ressha to form ToQ-Oh Car Carrier, which allows ToQ-Oh to do some long distance punches, as well as firing off cars as a long distance projectile attack. Both formations are rather lackluster. Due to the smaller size of ToQ-Oh, the formations (just replacing arms) don’t seem as different or empowering as the Kyoryuger line. However, they all serve their purpose, and it’s fun to mix and match the various Support Ressha to make some unique combinations. Later on down the line, when more Ressha are released, I’m sure things will get really fun. For ¥1,500 a piece, the price is right, and they’re both affordable and fun. Given how they don’t add a whole lot to ToQ-Oh, if you haven’t picked these up, I can definitely recommend grabbing the Diesel-Oh set instead. By getting the entirety of Diesel-Oh at once, you not only have three Ressha to use in combinations, but also the ability to make ChoToQ-Oh. With these options open, it adds a ton of playability, and make these two Support Ressha seem more worth it in the end. No matter which way you go, they’re certainly fun, albeit really simple.


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