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Review: Legacy Dragon Dagger (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)

Legacy Dragon Dagger
Bought at Toys R Us for $79.99 (Currently $99.99)
Also available at Amazon.com for $79.99


Available on TRU.com for $99.99
Preorder on Amazon.com for $79.99

Announced alongside the upcoming Dragonzord, Bandai announced the Legacy Dragon Dagger. We’ve had several Dragon Dagger toys over the course of Power Rangers 21 years, but nothing can top the beauty and quality of this piece right here. When released earlier this year, the Legacy Dragon Dagger cost $79.99 (and it is still listed as such on Amazon.com), but currently this thing is listed at Toys R Us stores for $99,99! If you’re at the flagship Times Square store? $119.99. Anyway, price aside, the Legacy Dragon Dagger is a 1:1 scale replica of the show prop, complete with accurate detail and molding, as well as a healthy dose of die-cast to give the item a lot of real world heft. Gold segments are coated in “24k gold” plating. The item itself clocks in at an impressive X inches long, and just looks absolutely incredible. Functionality wise, after an activation sound when switched on, each of the three flute buttons play a slashing sound of some sort. When the mouthpiece of the flute is pressed (either via your finger, mouth, chin, etc.), the buttons now play music! The first button plays the attack tune of the Dragonzord. The second button plays the tv size Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme song, complete with lyrics! Unfortunately I didn’t demonstrate this thanks to YouTube’s asinine copyright system. The last button plays the iconic summoning sound of the Dragonzord. Unfortunately, the attack and summoning tunes are not 100% faithful to their original tunes, probably due to copyright laws and ownership, or some other reason I don’t know of. Despite that, they’re identifiable, and definitely sound crisp and great. This item is phenomenal. While it doesn’t DO a whole lot, it more than makes up for it in display purposes. The Dragon Dagger is easily one of the most identifiable weapons in Power Rangers history, and you won’t find a better looking Power Rangers weapon (or Super Sentai for that matter) around. The $79.99 price point is okay, but anything higher than that is honestly rather questionable, despite how beautiful the item is. Use your discretion on what you think is a fair price, but I wouldn’t pass it up.

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