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Review: ToQ Ressha EX: Go-Busters Ressha & Kyoryuger Ressha (Ressha Sentai ToQger)

ToQ Ressha EX: Go-Busters Ressha
ToQ Ressha EX: Kyoryuger Ressha
Retail Release – April, 2014 – ¥1,200 Each


Grab the Go-Busters Ressha at CSToys International!
Grab the Kyoryuger Ressha at CSToys International!

To help fluff out this line and give us even MORE trains, Bandai has decided to push their “Legend Sentai” gimmicks even further than ever with the EX Series of Super Sentai Ressha. Our first two releases are the Go-Busters Ressha and Kyoryuger Ressha, with more on the way in the coming months. Each Ressha retails for ¥1,200, a bit cheaper than the standard line. Each Ressha is the same as each other, with a new frontal piece emulating the Red Ranger’s main robo from that season. The Go-Busters Ressha emulates Red Buster’s CB-01 Cheetah, while the Kyoryuger Ressha emulates Kyoryu Red’s Gabutyra. Each Ressha consists of two parts (front and rear). The front replaces the Red Ressha in ToQ-Oh’s formation, while the rear car rotates open to reveal a new head. This piece is placed in the holes that ToQ-Oh’s head would normally tab into. The Go-Busters Ressha creates ToQ-Oh Go-Buster Ace, with a new head modeled after Go-Buster Ace. The Kyoryuger Ressha creates ToQ-Oh Kyoryuzin, with a new head modeled after Kyoryuzin. Outside of giving us some new sounds in the ToQChanger, that’s the extent of these. The front parts CAN be attached to any port, meaning you could use these as arms if you so wish. Despite the simplicity, I love them. I love having an army of trains that celebrate Sentai’s history by combining older robo with the current concept. The addition of the helmet piece emulating past robo as well is an even greater addition. While nothing but the Kyoryuger Ressha will appear in fiction (as of this post), the concept is really neat and I love that they’re going above and beyond and giving us quite a few of these EX releases. They’re affordable to boot, meaning it shouldn’t be hard for any fan to pick these up, even on a budget.  If you have ToQ-Oh, these add some nice playability levels and concepts to mess around with. Bravo Bandai, bravo.

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