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Review: Super Megaforce Legendary Ranger Key Pack B (Power Rangers Super Megaforce)

Super Megaforce Legendary Ranger Key Pack B
$9.99 from Amazon.com (Available at Most Major Retailers)


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While Wave 3 of the Legendary Ranger Key Packs brings us a mix of the packs found in Waves 1 and 2, it does bring us a new set in the form or Super Megaforce Pack B. Where Set A contained Red, Blue, and Green, Set B brings us Yellow and Pink, along with a metallic version of Red, because all of these need to have a Red Ranger in them. The Keys are basically what you would expect, designed after the Super Megaforce Yellow and Pink Rangers. Considering this line is rather void of females, and has absolutely no Pink Rangers at all, it’s nice to see us actually get a full team. The Metallic Red is rather nice, and reminds of me of the Metallic Gokai Red from Ranger Key Set DX from Gokaiger. Regardless, this gives us the core team of five, and when all five are used in a row in the Legendary Morpher, you hear “Super Megaforce! Legendary Megazord!” which is pretty cool. It’s a shame none of the other groups can do that because of how this thing is programmed. Outside of that cool sound, they activate “Super Megaforce! Red!”, “Summon! Sky Ship!”, “Super Megaforce! Yellow!” “Super Mega Wheeler!”, “Super Megaforce! Pink!”, and “Super Mega Sub!” in the Legendary Morpher. Regardless if you picked up Set A (since if you’ve been buying the role play toys you didn’t need too) this set is a must get to finish your Super Megaforce Rangers. While I would have preferred Silver in here, the Metallic Red is really cool and gives the set a nice touch. Packaging for this set is the SAME as Pack A, so make sure you keep an eye out. The yellow and pink stand out in a sea of Red, Blue, and Green/Black, so it shouldn’t be too hard to spot.

[youtube http://youtu.be/U_ArD8iC4OU]

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