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Review: 4″ Mystery Ranger (Power Rangers Super Samurai)

4″ Mystery Ranger (Power Rangers Super Samurai)
Bandai UK Exclusive Release – Purchased from eBay

P1060353 copy

I’m sure everyone and their mother has seen Shinkenger or Super Samurai and know who the mystery ranger is, but just in case, here’s a big censor over it. Don’t click on this or watch the video if you don’t want to know who it is. You’ve been warned.



So at the tail end of Super Samurai’s run, Bandai planned a “Mystery Ranger” to be released in the final shipments of figures so that Lauren could get a figure. That’s fine and dandy, except the figure was never released in the US. Thankfully she WAS released in the UK. Considering the amount of toys the UK sometimes never sees, this actually doesn’t bother me much. Regardless, it’s still a shame she couldn’t be released over here. Despite being the first female Red Ranger figure (and female Red Ranger in general) the figure isn’t much to write home about. They took the female body, made it red, and slapped Jayden’s helmet on it. Included is a Spin Sword, but nothing else. It’s a shame she couldn’t come with a Fire Smasher of some sort. It’s a figure worth picking up if you can on eBay. I got her for around $15 shipped which is perfectly acceptable for me for a $8-$9 toy plus UK shipping. If you can track her down, do so to complete your collection.

[youtube http://youtu.be/KIcv4NeW6FU]

1 thought on “Review: 4″ Mystery Ranger (Power Rangers Super Samurai)”

  1. Sadly the eBay prices on several of the 4″ Samurai figures have since gotten really stupid, her included. Assuming you can even find her.
    You’d have better luck finding the Figuarts version

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