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Review: Legendary Ranger Action Heroes – Wave 4 (Power Rangers Super Megaforce)

Legendary Ranger Action Heroes – Wave 4
$9.99 from ToysRUs.com
$11.99 from Amazon.com
Available at Most Major Retailers


To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Power Rangers, the Super Megaforce “Action Heroes” line is releasing a number of Red and Sixth Rangers spanning the entire 20 years of the show. Our second wave (fourth overall for the line) of Legendary Action Heroes consists of the Red Zeo Ranger, Red Lightspeed Rescue Ranger, Red Wild Force Ranger, Red Ninja Storm Ranger, Red Jungle Fury Ranger, Red RPM Ranger, and Gold Samurai Ranger. The Mighty Morphin White Ranger was basically displayed to be a part of this assortment, but hasn’t been released yet. The Red Zeo Ranger includes the Zeo Laser Pistol and the Zeo Blade, but unfortunately not his Zeo Power Sword. The Red Lightspeed Rescue Ranger includes his V-Lancer and the Rescue Blaster. The Red Wild Force Ranger includes the Red Lion Fang and a Crystal Saber. The Red Ninja Storm Ranger only includes his Ninja Sword. The Red Jungle Fury Ranger includes the Jungle Chucks, and oddly enough the Jungle Tonfa/Staff he never used. The Red RPM Ranger includes the Nitro Blaster and the Street Saber. Finally the Gold Samurai Ranger includes his Barracuda Blade, complete with holster! Overall, the figures range from Great to Meh. Gold Samurai is my favorite, having no other release in this scale over here, and being pretty close to the suit colors. Red Zeo is probably my favorite of the Red Rangers. He never had a stellar release in this scale, and needed a figure like this. The worst offender is Red Ninja Storm, missing detail in the helmet, having an atrocious weapon count (no sheath?) and having the mold’s poofy shoulders be incredibly obvious. Red Jungle Fury and Red RPM unfortunately come from stellar figure lines, so it’s hard to justify this figure if you have those better molds. That being said, even the worst offender is an okay figure, and it’s great that they’re releasing the entire line-up of Red Rangers (and a number of Sixth) to give us a pretty epic display of Rangers that are all using the same base mold. It’s gonna look great once all the figures are released. With listings stating we’re going to get more Legendary Rangers in Dino Charge’s figure line, I look forward to seeing how big our Ranger army is going to get. If you’re looking to make a display like this, they’re all great in that regard.

[youtube http://youtu.be/OFtaSFGpV0I]

1 thought on “Review: Legendary Ranger Action Heroes – Wave 4 (Power Rangers Super Megaforce)”

  1. Can’t find these in stores anywhere in South Texas. And Amazon has the prices jacked up anywhere from 2 to 3 times retail price. I was only able to snag Samurai Gold and Ninja Storm for Amazon’s regular price a couple of days ago. Bummer.

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