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Review: Silver Morpher & Super Silver Spear (Power Rangers Super Megaforce)

Silver Morpher & Super Silver Spear
$14.99 Each at Most Major Retailers


When we found out the Silver Morpher and Super Silver Spear were going to be Basic Battle Gear toys, my expectations for them immediately dropped. We received the Robo Morpher and Robo Blaster in this same assortment last year, and both were equally sub par. Thankfully these improve on the past a little bit. Both retail for roughly $14.99 at most major retailers. I picked these up at, but they’ve been popping up at Walmarts across the country as well.

The Silver Morpher includes the Super Megaforce Silver Ranger Key, which activates said phrase in the Legendary Morpher. Overall the Key looks really nice, and the crisper silver color is a lot nicer than the flat gray of the Japanese Key. The Silver Morpher itself is all around okay. It’s smaller than the Gokai Cellular, but that’s actually a point I enjoy, since I tend to like smaller Morphers. Not a whole lot of paint is missing, so the Morpher actually looks pretty complete. Unfortunately functionality is dropped in the Basic Battle Gear line, meaning, like the Robo Morpher, this toy does a whole lot of nothing. The buttons are now one giant pad, making the Mobirates beep sounds. Occasionally, Orion will pop on and say “Super Megaforce Silver!” Inserting a Key into the phone (it snaps in place nicely) will press a button on the inside to call out “I’m going Legendary!” Finally, now that a Key is inserted, the button pad says “It’s Morphin Time!” and “Legendary Ranger Mode!” phrases. That’s it. No “Gold Mode” call (even though a Key CAN be inserted into the bottom, it does nothing), no actual morphing sound, just some phrases. While I think the phrases are cool it’s no substitute for an actual morphing sound.

The Super Silver Spear takes “Gokai Fork” to a whole new level, being even smaller than the already pathetic Gokai Spear. The toy is still rather hefty for a Basic Battle Gear toy, so I will certainly give it credit for that. Thankfully it includes the Robo Knight Ranger Key, which was quite a surprise to me. Gosei Knight was a Candy Toy exclusive release in Japan, so it’s great that he gets a retail release over here. Though given how Megaforce and Super Megaforce are tied together, his release shouldn’t be too surprising. I’m just happy he exists. He’s a generic Megaforce Key, so it simply says “Megaforce!” in the Legendary Morpher. Back to the Spear, the toy is void of any silver paint sans the very end tip, which is pretty unfortunate, as it leaves the toy a big gold and black brick with some blue edges. Blaster Mode is a no-go, with the toy only able to flip the points around to go into the Anchor Mode. That’s the biggest drawback of this toy, as the Blaster Mode was the only redeeming value of the Gokai Spear toy. There are around three different attack sounds you can make with the press of the handle button. You can pop a Key into the toy (it doesn’t turn) to hear a powered up attack sound. Outside of the Robo Knight Key being included, the Spear has little to no value whatsoever. If kids want a role play Super Silver Spear, they’re better off waiting for the Halloween costume prop coming out soon.

Overall, while neither toys are that great as toys, the Silver Morpher at least has a bit of value. Like I said, I like the smaller form factor to the toy, and in terms of pure aesthetics I think it makes a great substitute and is great for kids. I can fully recommend this one if you can look past the lack of playable features and purely want a nice representation of the Morpher. The Spear however has no redeeming value, and just kind of sucks. Fortunately it has the Robo Knight Key to help make it worthwhile.


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