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Review: Deluxe Q Rex & Samurai Zord Armor Rangers (Power Rangers Super Megaforce)

Deluxe Q Rex Zord Armor Ranger
Deluxe Samurai Zord Armor Ranger
$19.99 from Amazon.com


Deluxe Q Rex Zord Armor Ranger on Amazon!
Deluxe Samurai Zord Armor Ranger on Amazon!

Our second set of Zord Armor Rangers comes in the form of the Q Rex, Super Megaforce Silver’s main Megazord, and Samurai! Each Zord Armor Ranger includes the suit of armor, along with a 4″ poorly painted figure of the Ranger it is partnered with. In this case, it comes with horrible looking versions of Super Megaforce Silver and Samurai Red. I picked up each of them for $19.99 from Amazon.com, though they’ve been spotted in Toys R Us stores, just not in my area apparently. The Q Rex Zord Armor is a repaint of the Legendary Zord Armor, but with a newly sculpted head that resembles the Silver Ranger’s helmet with his anchor logo. The rest of the toy is the same but painted silver, gold, black, and baby blue. I basically picked him up for completions sake. There’s not enough new about this guy to warrant the price tag, unless you’re a super fan of Orion and need all his merchandise. His Key Arm is new and says “Super Megaforce! Silver!” in the Legendary Morpher. The real gem of this is the Samurai Zord Armor. Let’s take a moment to bask in how awesome this thing is. The Zord Armor is done up in a nice silver, black, and gold color scheme (my personal favorite) with some red accents to correspond with Jayden. It’s a fully new mold, mimicking a nice mix of the Shogun Armor and the Samurai Megazord (with the bear and dragon feet clearly visible). His weapon is basically a giant spiked wheel (probably a Gekirin like weapon) that can spin around and be an awesome harbinger of death. His Key Arm says “Samurai!” in the Legendary Morpher. I just love how this thing looks. My favorite of the four Zord Armors by far. The Q Rex release is a pretty lackluster (I would have loved to see a new mold actually based on the Q Rex!) but the Samurai one makes up for it. Definitely recommended for that one at least.

[youtube http://youtu.be/6sG-wcVwxi4]

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