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Review: Turbo, Operation Overdrive, & Jungle Fury Cycles (Power Rangers Super Megaforce)

Turbo, Operation Overdrive, & Jungle Fury Cycles
$12.97 Each from Walmart


The next round of cycles covers Turbo, Operation Overdrive, and Jungle Fury! As with the previous cycles, they were $12.97 at Walmart, the first location they were sighted. Each cycle includes a horribly painted figure, a cycle, and a Red Ranger Key for that season. Unlike the last group of cycles that were modeled after the cycles from that season, these cycles aren’t. The Turbo cycle is modeled after the Turbine Laser from series. This cycle comes with a Silver Ranger figure and the Turbo Red Ranger Key, The Operation Overdrive cycle is modeled after the Drill Blaster (which was modeled after the Drill Driver Zord, so take your pick) from the series. It comes with the Red Ranger and a Operation Overdrive Red Ranger Key. Lastly the Jungle Fury cycle is modeled after…well, something. It closely resembles the face of the Tiger Zord as opposed to the Strike Rider or Claw Cannon. It comes with the Blue Ranger and a Jungle Fury Red Ranger Key. Like the previous cycles, they all have the same chassis with a new paint scheme. Each is made unique by a removable front piece that you can put on any of the other cycles for different color combinations. Each cycle also features a pull back feature activated by inserting and turning a Ranger Key into the rear of the cycle. The bottom rear and top middle each have a Zord Builder port for combining with any Deluxe Megazord released with Zord Builder functionality. While kids might enjoy them, and any collector just gunning after the Red Ranger Keys included in the toys, these might be worth a purchase, they ultimately fall flat. They don’t really look good, the figure are awful, and the only redeeming value are the Ranger Keys, which can be found in the packs anyway.

[youtube http://youtu.be/kt-dtsYaKjE]

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