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V-Log: Stay Gassy!

For some reason I decided to fixate on the gassy line from this V-Log for the title. I’m weird like that. Despite me being super excited for the box as a whole, there’s not a whole lot that’s going up for immediate review. I really hope to take September and the first week of October (as we wait for Drive) to get out as much backlog as I can. This might mean more than 3 videos a week, this might not mean that. I have no idea but I’m sure as hell going to try. Anyway, lots of neat stuff on the horizon for the channel. I can’t believe I’ve hit 50k Subscribers. It’s really surreal. Thank you all so much. This contest will make it up to you all, I promise. For now, enjoy the V-Log, enjoy the upcoming parts of RRR The Movie 2, and stay gassy.


From OkinwamToySeller:

• Kamen Rider Gaim – DX Fifteen Lock Seed
• Makai-Kado – Madouba Ginga
• Televi-Kun October Issue with Claw Ressha

From AmiAmi:

• S.H.Figuarts – Kamen Rider Hibiki
• S.I.C. – Kamen Rider Wizard Flame Style
• Ressha Sentai ToQger – Go-Onger Ressha
• Ressha Sentai ToQger – Shinkenger Ressha
• Ressha Sentai ToQger – Shadow Line Collection 01: General Schwarz
• Ressha Sentai ToQger – Shadow Line Collection 02: Crows
• 66Action Kamen Rider 3 Box
• Danball Senki – LBX Achilles II
• Danball Senki – LBX The Emperor M3
• Super Mario 3D World – Cat Rosalina Plush


From Mandarake:

• Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger – Karakuri Ball Set 02
• Kamen Rider Gaim – Capsule Lock Seed 14: Skull Lock Seed
• Ichiban Kuji – Kamen Rider Double CycloneJoker Statue
• Ichigan Kuji – Kamen Rider Nadeshiko Statue
• Banpresto – DXF: Kamen Rider Double FangJoker Statue

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