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Review: ToQ Ressha EX Go-Onger Ressha & Shinkenger Ressha

ToQ Ressha EX – Go-Onger Ressha & Shinkenger Ressha
Retail Release – August, 2014 – ¥1,200 Each


Our next, and possibly final (as no more or scheduled for retail release) EX Super Sentai Ressha are none other than the Go-Onger Ressha and Shinkenger Ressha. Both were released in early August, 2014 for ¥1,200 each. The Go-Onger Ressha is red with black and white accents, modeled after Engine Speedor! Being a huge fan of Speedor, I really dig how this one turned out. The front captures Speedor’s image perfectly, with his little “1” Engine logo printed on the side. The rear car flips open to reveal the head of Engine-Oh. When combined with ToQ-Oh, the Go-Onger Ressha creates ToQ-Oh Engine-Oh! The Shinkenger Ressha features the same red, white, and black color schemed, with a front modeled after the Shishi Origami. The front car features the Shiba Clan logo molded into the side, and looks pretty great. The rear car unfolds to reveal the head of Shinken-Oh. When the Shinkenger Ressha combines with ToQ-Oh to create ToQ-Oh Shinken-Oh. As with all of these EX Sentai Ressha, it’s a mixed bag. I really do love these. I love that they incorporated the “Legend Sentai” right into the mecha line’s gimmick and it ends up being really awesome, even if some of the combinations are funny. If you’re a fan of any of these series, I recommend grabbing the Ressha regardless of whether you own ToQ-Oh. The price is really affordable, and they make neat little display pieces with a season themed display. On the flip side, they don’t appear in the show, so if you really only focus on those, they’re easy passes as well.

[youtube http://youtu.be/3a2X-8sQLyU]


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