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Unboxing: Pokémon TCG – Mega Lucario Collection

Mega Lucario Collection
$19.99 at Most Major Retailers
Purchased from Target


Unlike the “___ Box” sets, the “___ Collection” sets ares boxes that contain a promo or variant card, four booster packs, and an exclusive figure of that Pokémon, all for $19.99. Furious Fists brings us the Mega Lucario Collection! As the star of the set, this comes at no surprise. Included in this particular box is a Mega Lucario figure, a variant foil version of the Legendary Treasures Lucario, two Furious Fists booster packs, one Flashfire booster pack, and one XY booster pack. With three sets out now, this does give a nice variety in it for player starting out, or collectors trying to get a nice spread of cards. To me, these sets are worth it for the figure alone. Four booster packs (which usually retail around $16 anyway) are a nice little bonus, making the box well worth the money overall. If you’re only after promo cards, this box is an instant skip, as the card included is unfortunately only a variant, and not a numbered promo.

[youtube http://youtu.be/_dX2nv4f7Aw]

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