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Review: DX Shift Car Set 01 (Kamen Rider Drive)

DX Shift Car Set 01
October, 2014 – ¥2,100


Ever since OOO we’ve been greeted with gimmick sets every year, containing X number of the collectible gimmick of the year. Drive has the DX Shift Car Sets! Our first set was released alongside the first wave of toys at the beginning of October, 2014 for ¥2,100. The first set features three brand new Shift Cars: Shift Justice Hunter, Shift Massive Monster, and Shift Spin Mixer. Justice Hunter is a police car themed Shift Car that gives Drive a jail door weapon that can turn into a cage to trap the Roidmudes. Massive Monster gives Drive two mouth looking claw weapons. Finally Spin Mixer gives Drive a tire that shoots concrete from its holes, also trapping the Roidmudes. Each Shift Car can convert from Car Mode to Level Mode, and insert into the Shift Brace to initiate a Tire Koukan. Each Shift Car has a unique jingle and attack sound to keep things interesting. The looks of these are really neat. I love that the first set gives us a unique blend of themes surrounding the Shift Cars. If you’re gunning to collect them all, it’s definitely worth the pick up. If you just want one, hold out for a Candy Toy or Gashapon release. All in all, regardless of how you get them, these are neat little cars.

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