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Unboxing: Pokémon TCG – Phantom Forces Promo Blister Packs

Phantom Forces 3-Pack Promo Blisters
$11.99 at Most Major Retailers

Phantom Forces 1-Pack Promo Blisters
$4.99 at Most Major Retailers


Every set we get (usually) two 3-Pack and two 1-Pack Promo Blisters available for $11.99 and $4.99 respectively. Each pack features that number of Booster Packs of the newest set, a coin, and a promo card. Sometimes the promo is actually a numbered black star promo, but sometimes it’s simply a galaxy foil variant printing of a previously released card. Phantom Forces’ 3-Pack Blisters contain XY22 Darkrai and XY23 Shiftry. The 1-Pack Blisters contain XY24 Greninja, and a variant of Talonflame from the original XY set. None of the three new promos available are all that great, though Greninja has a pretty awesome ability. It’s a shame the attacks are pretty mediocre. Overall, with packs costing over $4 at normal retail, you’re not really paying much for the coin and promo, so it ends up working out to be a pretty decent deal if you’re a promo collector. If you’re just in it for the packs, there’s far better deals out there.

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