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Review: Legendary Ranger Action Heroes – Wave 6 (Power Rangers Super Megaforce)

Legendary Ranger Action Heroes – Wave 6
$9.99 Each from Walgreens


Wave 6? What happened to Wave 5?! Well in a weird turn of events, Wave 6 hit mass distribution before Wave 5. With Wave 5 only seeing a limited release in sporadic Walmart and TRU locations across the country, Wave 6 managed to sneak in and hit Walgreens of all places first. With each store only getting two figures at a time, hunting was difficult, and people without Walgreens in their area were pretty much out of luck. Thankfully Wave 6 has started to hit both TRU and Target stores, as well as Amazon.com, so finding this wave shouldn’t be too big of a problem to track down in due time. Wave 5 on the other hand is a whole different battle.

Wave 6 contains the last of the Super Megaforce Legendary Rangers shown off at Toy Fair earlier this year. The wave consists of Zeo Gold, In Space Red, Titanium Ranger, Quantum Ranger, Omega Ranger, and Super Samurai Red. The cases also contain Mighty Morphin White and Super Megaforce Silver, but those figures are new in Wave 5. For the sake of consistency I’m holding off on reviewing those figures until I manage to track down Wave 5 fully. Each figure uses the same base mold we’re used to by now. Zeo Gold’s shield is roughly the same size as the Mighty Morphin Green Ranger, so the vertical arm articulation is slightly hindered. The Super Samurai Red figure looks really great. Unfortunately the coat does hinder the vertical arm articulation and leg articulation, but that’s to be expected with his big coat. Zeo Gold comes with the Golden Power Staff. In Space Red comes with the Astro Blaster and the Spiral Saber. Titanium Ranger comes with Titanium Laser in Axe Mode. Quantum Ranger comes with the Quantum Defender in Gun Mode. Omega Ranger obviously comes with absolutely nothing. Finally the Super Samurai Red Ranger comes with the Spin Sword with the Black Box attached. All of these figures are pretty great, with the exception of In Space Red. The white on his arms is just a little too big, and the chest pattern is outlined in a thick black, being highly inaccurate to the show. Titanium Ranger had a great Super Legends release already, but still manages to be a great figure. The deeper silver color really works for him, and it makes the release worth picking up. The other figure I want to mention is Super Samurai Red. While this should have been Lauren, I am really glad to own a 5″ scale version of this guy, and the end result is really satisfying. Overall, aside from In Space Red, these are all great releases that are worth the pick up if you are a fan of any of these guys. In Space Red still gets a recommendation, if only to complete the set we’ve been working on the past year. This marks the theoretical end to the line (though I still need Wave 5!) so here’s hoping we see more Sixth Rangers released in the Dino Charge line at some point. There’s quite a few missing I’d love to get figures for.


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