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Review: Ninja Zord with 2 Ranger Keys (Power Rangers Super Megaforce)

Ninja Zord with 2 Ranger Keys
$14.97 from Walmart.com


Our fourth and final Zord for Power Rangers Super Megaforce is the Ninja Zord. The Ninja Zord is designed after the Minizord from Power Rangers Ninja Storm. This toy also has a new US Toy Exclusive mode designed after the Mega Winger from Power Rangers In Space! The toy itself is rather bland. Unfortunately the finished product is missing a ton of paint applications, particularly in the legs. If it had these, the toy would look as cool as it is functional. Ignoring the missing paint applications, the core of the toy is actually pretty cool. The Mega Winger mode is definitely “tacked on” so to speak, but given the parts they had to work with, they pulled it off pretty well. In Space was a huge part of Power Rangers history, so I love that it got a chance to be represented via a Zord. I also get a kick out of, thanks to the Zord Builder ports on the shoulders of the Legendary Megazord, you can mimic the Ninja Zord standing on the shoulders of the Legendary Megazord pretty well. The combination with the Q Rex is a bit lackluster, but a nice throwback to Wing GoZyuJin seen in Gokaiger, which is what this essentially is. Unfortunately the halves of the shuriken are so small, it’s hard to see over the shoulders of the Q Rex Megazord. The Legendary In Space Megazord is alright. The head and chest are definitely Mega Winger, and I dig that. The Legendary Ninja Storm Megazord is actually really solid. Hurricane Gokaioh’s biggest flaw was the rather hollow chest cavity. Thanks to how the Legendary Megazord works, this combination is quite a bit more solid. Unfortunately it looses all the small shuriken sticking out. I’ve found putting the shuriken on the sides of the Jet and Racer mimic that appearance a bit and looks pretty cool. Overall, the toy is really fun, and easily the best of the four basic Zords the series had to offer.


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