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Review: Legacy Titanus (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)

Legacy Titanus
Toys R Us Exclusive – $199.99


We’ve got the Megazord, we’ve got the Dragonzord, the next logical step in the Legacy Collection is of course the massive Carrier Zord known as Titanus. Yeah, the name makes me laugh too. Titanus, like the other Legacy items (for the most part rather) is a Toys R Us exclusive toy, and retailed for a whopping $199.99.
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Legacy Titanus of course features a screen accurate deco without the need for stickers. This is where the toy truly shines. It looks fantastic on display, especially with the other two releases next to it. There’s a lot of heft to the toy, which ends up weighing over five pounds thanks to the nice amount of die-cast. Despite that, the die-cast isn’t overused to the point it’s intrusive. There’s die-cast bits located in the chest plate, claws, wheels, and the tip of the tail. While it doesn’t sound like much, it adds the perfect amount of weight to the toy to make it feel impressive. The chain is even metal! Of course, the Ultrazord can be formed, which looks incredibly impressive when finally put together. Sure, it’s a big expensive paperweight, but it LOOKS nice, and that is what counts in the end. My biggest complaint lies not with Titanus, but with the Ultrazord formation. The Legacy Megazord, being a die-casted old toy, does NOT match the new, high-grade take on the Dragonzord and Titanus. The Zordbuilder leg joints, being made of plastic, can’t support the Dragonzord, and it causes the toy to have massive balancing issues, even inside Titanus. Included are two bracers that fit on the joint of the Megazord, but it still just doesn’t hold together. The sheer weight of the combination just makes the bracers want to slide off. As much as I’m tired of MMPR, I’m starting to wish we’d backpedal a bit and release an all new version of the Megazord that isn’t the 2010 mold. Back to Titanus, I love it a lot more than I thought I was going to. Despite the glowing review, I can’t say it is worth $199.99, which just seems absurd when compared to the Dragonzord’s $79.99 price tag. $149.99 is about the most I would anticipate something like this should cost, with $124.99 being a more accurate sweet spot. If you don’t need it instantly, I would be patient for a price drop, Power Rangers sale, or some other TRU offer to knock it down in price. I was able to get it down to roughly $145 and I still feel like I overpaid. It’s certainly a great toy with very few flaws, but the price is just too much.

[youtube http://youtu.be/XZc0zRZ9FRg]


2 thoughts on “Review: Legacy Titanus (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)”

  1. ” Despite that, the die-cast isn’t overused to the point it’s intrusive.”
    Wrong. Its use at all is intrusive, and is to blame for the excessive price tag.

    Die-cast can stay right the f*ck out of action figures unless structurally necessary.

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