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Review: DX Shift Car Set 03 (Kamen Rider Drive)

Shift Car Set 03
November, 2014 – ¥1,400


Shift Car Set 03 was released in November, 2014 for the standard price of ¥1,400. It brings us two new Shift Cars in the form of Shift Rumble Dump and Shift Mad Doctor! These two Shift Cars are primarily used with Drive’s new form, Kamen Rider Drive Type Wild. Rumble Dump is a yellow dump truck Shift Car. It gives Drive a fancy yellow tire and a big drill weapon that can be held or mounted on Type Wild’s shoulder. I’m not sure what a drill has to do with a dump truck, but whatever works I suppose. Mad Doctor gives him a new white tire with a small device attached that can heal and perform other medical duties. As with most Shift Cars both are compatible with the Drive Driver to create new Tire Koukan and Hissatsu sounds. I really dig the designs of both. Mad Doctor is pretty thick, just like a real ambulance, while Rumble Dump has a unique design, like Spin Mixer. Both are really neat additions to the line. As always, if you don’t care about the Tire Koukan abilities, this set is a pretty easy pass. Otherwise, it’s a nice, affordable pick up for fans of either of these Shift Cars.

Rumble Dump is by far the best name in the world.

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