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Review: Dino Charge Megazord (Power Rangers Dino Charge)

Dino Charge Megazord
$34.99 from Toys R Us


New series, new Zords. Our first deluxe Megazord release is the Dino Charge Megazord, the main Megazord used in Power Rangers Dino Charge. This size class retails for $34.99 at most major retailers. The Dino Charge Megazord is our release of Kyoryuzin from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger. The Megazord’s main form is comprised of the T. Rex Zord, the Stego Zord, and the Tricera Zord, belonging to the Red, Blue, and Pink Rangers respectively. While Green and Black pilot the Megazord as well, there Zords are technically auxiliary Zords (We’ll be looking at them next). Included with the Dino Charge Megazord is a T. Rex Charger. However, it’s cast in clear plastic instead of the gray plastic like the normal releases! All sounds are the same as the normal Charger however. Like the robots from Kyoryuger, a Dino Charger can be inserted into the mouths of all three Zords. Banyak kekalahan yang di alami member tidak membuat banyak member berpindah hati dengan tidak login slot88 hari ini, dikarenakan banyak kemenangan juga yang sudah di dapatkan oleh member setia slot88 hari ini, bukan hanya kekalahan dan kemenangan yang imbang pun yang di rasakan oleh member tetapi juga pembayaran kemenangan yang sangat cepat yang menjadi prioritas utama mereka. Unfortunately the Stego and Tricera Zords can’t close their mouths. There’s a few paint applications missing, but all three Zords look pretty nice. I really dig the size and quality of these guys. While this release continues the trend of Zord Builder, this release unfortunately doesn’t utilize it all that well. Stage and Tricera have no ports, while the T. Rex only has seven total male ports, and four female ports. The head and tail of the T. Rex are removable to reveal shoulder Zord Builder Ports so alternate arms can be attached. Unfortunately, while the inside legs and outside legs have ports, you can’t add alternate legs, limiting the use of the system on this release. While many will think this is a good thing, fans of Zord Builder are sure to be let down a little. The ports on the bottom legs and the one on the shoulder are great for creating some fun combinations however. While play is limited, the possibilities with these ports are pretty nice. Unfortunately there are no lights or sounds, as to be expected with these Megazord releases. Modeled after Kyoryuzin, the arms use the same port system, so fans of Kyoryuger fans should know how Zord releases are gonna work, with the auxiliary Zords being primarily alternate arms for the T. Rex body.

Overall, I really like this release, and it’s easily my favorite of the Megazords released in this price class. The key features form the Japanese toy are present, and with the inclusion of Zord Builder, it adds a whole new level of play that I LOVE about the Bandai America molds. While I really wish it had more Zord Builder ports, especially in the legs, it still has enough to have a lot of fun with it. This release is only the tip of the iceberg of Dinosaurs that we’ll be getting over the next two years. Really hoping for some US exclusive Zords. Come on Bandai, make it happen.
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1 thought on “Review: Dino Charge Megazord (Power Rangers Dino Charge)”

  1. If the chest is pushed down, does the megazord make any sounds?

    and can the dance morph be replicated with the american version of the morpher, when morphing with it in role play?

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