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Review: Dino Cycles with Ranger Figures (Power Rangers Dino Charge)

Dino Cycles with Ranger Figures
$14.99 each from Toys R Us


The cycle line continues for Dino Charge in a new and moderately creative way. Each cycle costs $14.99 at most major retailers, and includes a cycle and a figure. While that may seem like the normal, Dino Charge has amped up the bang for your buck compared to the Super Megaforce line. Our first batch of cycles are all labeled “Dino Cycle” with the Red, Blue, or Black Rangers included. Each cycle, while sharing the same mold, are all painted differently. With each cycle being comprised of two dinosaurs, you’re basically getting six new little dinosaurs by purchasing all three cycles.

The figures included are no longer tiny pooping pose figures, but instead are full 5″ figures! While these figures aren’t near the quality of the 5″ Action Heroes we will be getting, the fact that we get cycles that are scaled to the main figures for once is fantastic. The figures aren’t all that painted, and feature some paint on the head, and a mass amount of silver on the chest for whatever reason. Articulation consists of swivels at the shoulders and hips, an elbow joint, and a knee joint. It’s all really basic and the bare minimum. While the figure still more or less fails, it’s a step in the right direction for these things, and is a lot more playable for the kids. With the figure being the way it is, it means the cycles are compatible with the Action Heroes, and that’s the biggest plus possible.

The Red Ranger set includes the yellow front and black rear Deinonychus that all Rangers who use the Dino Cycle Charger in the show will ride. If you’re only going for show related toys, you only need to pick up that one and you’re good to go. The Blue Ranger Dino Cycle includes a silver front and gray back Deinonychus. The Black Ranger Dino Cycle includes a red front and silver back Deinonychus. As stated, all the front and back dinos are the same aside from color. The front Deinonychus has a female Zord Builder port on the top of its dinosaur head, as well as the underside of its belly. The rear Deinonychus has a male Zord Builder port right above the head and a female Zord Builder port right around its butt. One set of ports is used for forming the cycle, while the others are there strictly for play value. While some of the previous cycles could act as blasters or swords when combining with the Megawords, these just don’t really serve a purpose. Unless you want a bike hanging from your T-Rex Zord, there’s not a huge amount of play value in these. However, because of the design, you can mix and match the front and rear Deinonychus to create a color combination that you think is cool.

Overall, these guys are just “okay.” I would easily recommend picking up one for display purposes, especially since finding a Japanese release is pretty hard nowadays. While my favorite is Black’s cycle, Red is the one you want for show accuracy. While the cycles have never been greatly painted, I can’t help but feel these really needed more. While I think it passes just fine, it just ends up looking rather bland at the end of the day. Since these don’t come with Chargers, it can end up being a pretty easy pass for most people, and I don’t blame them at all.


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