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Review: Dino Com (Power Rangers Dino Charge)

Dino Com
$14.99 at Most Major Retailers
Purchased from Amazon.com


Our first jump into the Basic Battle Gear for Power Rangers Dino Charge brings us a basic version of the Dino Saber and the Dino Com. Each retails for around $14.99 depending on where you pick them up. I didn’t pick up the Dino Saber, but it includes a Stego Charger for those who aren’t buying the sets. The Dino Com comes with a Tricera Charger, which again, is really cool for those not buying the Power Packs. The Dino Com is our version of the Mobuckle from Kyoryuger. Like past buckle releases (which were generally only in Hero Sets) there are no actual belt pieces with this release, and instead it just includes a belt clip that attaches on the back of the Dino Com via a Zord Builder like port. You CAN attach it to a Megazord, but I wouldn’t advise doing it, as attaching it to the Dino Charge Megazord made the port expand and now the belt clip is really lose in the socket. Just like in the show, the Dino Com can hold three Dino Chargers. However, there is no inside tray that slides out. Instead they simply clip in there securely. While moderately inaccurate to the show, the functionality is still there just fine. The coolest thing about this release is that the logo on the front is now a button that activates one of four sounds. You get a dinosaur roar, “It’s Morphin Time!”, “Charge it Up!”, and “Power Rangers Dino Charge!”. While the sounds aren’t anything to write home about, it’s great that they added sounds to the toy, as it was biggest complaint during the Japanese release. I just wish the sounds fit the toy better, like adding in phone sounds, ringing, etc. Overall it’s a neat pick up for both collectors and kids. However if you’re just in it for Chargers, just stick with the Power Packs unless you’re super hard up for a way to carry three Chargers around with you. With the storage and sounds, I feel like this is a battle gear item that kids will really enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Review: Dino Com (Power Rangers Dino Charge)”

  1. My son has been trying to find one of these to buy for over a year now. Is there any for sale that you know of that do not cost $150. US dollars?
    Let me know, thank you.

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