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Review: DX Zenrin Shooter (Kamen Rider Drive)

DX Zenrin Shooter
December, 2014 – ¥4,600


Mach’s personal sidearm weapon is the Zenrin Shooter. It was released alongside the Mach Driver in December, 2014 for ¥4,600. The weapon itself is very reminscent of the Break Gunner, but instead of an iron knuckle sort of feel, the weapon has a giant front wheel on it. The toy contains lights on a small circle on the back of the toy that changes green or red depending on the mode you use. Upon turn on, the toy announces “Zenrin Shooter!” Pressing the trigger will make a firing noise with “Shooter!” after every shot. Spinning the wheel will make a different attack sound with “Zenrin!” after every slash. Spin the wheel three times to hear a more powerful attack. Finally if you insert any Shift Car, Signal Bike, or Viral Core into the toy, it will initiate the “Hissatsu! Full Throttle” sound. From here you can either pull the trigger or spin the tire to hear one of two final attacks.

Included is the Signal Magarl Signal Bike, as romanized by the box (Magaru meaning to turn). It’s cast in a clear green with a nice speckle effect going on it. In the Mach Driver, it initiates the Signal Koukan into Magarl. In the Drive Driver it initiates a Tire Koukan into Next 01. Finally in the Break Gunner it simply announces “Next System”.

Overall, the Zenrin Shooter is a solid toy that feels really great for cosplay purposes or things like that. While it feels awesome in the hand, it’s by no means a fun toy. The sounds aren’t all that exciting, and the playability of it all is severely limited. If how your Signal Bike looks isn’t a huge deal to you, I would pick up Magarl through another method and save yourself ¥4,000 or so. Unless you really want the DX bike, or just really like the way the toy looks, Drive is filled with much better stuff.

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