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Review: Legendary Ranger Action Heroes – Wave 5 (Power Rangers Super Megaforce)

Legendary Ranger Action Heroes – Wave 5
Prices Vary By Retailer


Despite Dino Charge already being in our eyes, we’re gonna back track a bit to Super Megaforce. Thanks to my friend Chris, I finally got a hold of all of the allusive Wave 5 Action Heroes. This wave featured Mighty Morphin White, Alien Red, Turbo Red, Lost Galaxy Red, Time Force Red, Wild Force Lunar Wolf, Ninja Storm Green Samurai, Operation Overdrive Red, and Super Megaforce Silver. We already took a brief look at Mighty Morphin White and Super Megaforce Silver in the Wave 6 review, but we’ll take another look at them in this one. These figures were found at a bunch of retailers, but were very hit in miss in terms of area. The only one I ever seen in my area was Alien Red. Mighty Morphin White and Super Megaforce Silver were thanks to the previous (next?) Wave. Everything else is all thanks to my buddy.

Each figure features the same base articulation. Mighty Morphin White and Ninja Storm Green Samurai both have vests that hinder the vertical arm articulation a bit, but other than that everything is virtually the same. My biggest complaints of this wave are with Turbo Red and Time Force Red. Turbo Red’s line detailings are incredibly dark and thick compared to the actual suit. While it’s not a huge deal, it’s a little bit off when you see it on your shelf. Time Force Red’s complaint is pretty minor at the end of the day. At first glance it’s a pretty easy miss, but the Morpher used on the figure is actually the Quantum Morpher instead of the Chrono Morpher. This is most likely because they reused the limb from the Quantum Ranger mold, but it’s still really embarrassing to see. Come on Bandai.

Mighty Morphin White includes Saba. Alien Red includes the Aquitian Saber and the Aquitian Laser. Turbo Red includes the Turbo Blaster and the Turbo Sword. Lost Galaxy Red includes the Quasar Saber. Time Force Red includes the Chrono Sabers. Wild Force Lunar Wolf includes the Lunar Cue. Ninja Storm Green Samurai includes the Samurai Saber. Operation Overdrive Red includes the Drive Defender and the Drive Lance. Super Megaforce Silver includes the Super Silver Spear in Gun Mode and Spear Mode.

Overall, this is a nice variety of figures that gives us a healthy mix of Red Rangers and Sixth Rangers. Outside of the pointed out flaws, they’re all great figures and look great lined up on the shelf. I really hope we get some more in the Dino Charge line to finish off some much needed Sixth Rangers. The biggest flaw is of course distribution. These are all necessary figures for anyone collecting Reds, Sixths, or both! It’s a shame that they only came out in some areas, and were a massive pain to find for a lot of fans. Again, huge thanks to my friend for picking them up for me.

Time to get Charged Up!


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