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Review: 2015 Legendary Ranger Key Packs Wave 1(Power Rangers Super Megaforce)

2015 Legendary Ranger Key Packs Wave 1
Toys R Us Exclusive – $7.99 Each


Bandai kept promising more Ranger Keys, coming Fall 2014. Fall 2014 came and past. Much to our surprise, Bandai stuck to, well, half their word, and actually managed to push out more Ranger Key Packs! This starts a whole new assortment of Ranger Keys, with an all new item number in TRU’s computer systems. Because of this, this is essentially the first wave of the new assortment, even if it’s wave six of Ranger Keys overall. These new Ranger Key Packs are Toys R Us Exclusive, so hit up your local TRU stores to track these amazing sets down.

The first wave of new keys contains:

Alien Key Pack B
• Yellow Alien Ranger
• Pink Alien Ranger
• Ninjor

Zeo Key Pack B
• Green Zeo Ranger
• Pink Zeo Ranger
• Gold Zeo Ranger

Turbo Key Pack B
• Pink Turbo Ranger
• Blue Senturion
• Phantom Ranger

Lost Galaxy Key Pack B
• Translucent Green Galaxy Ranger
• Yellow Galaxy Ranger
• Magna Defender

Ninja Storm Key Pack B
• Crimson Thunder Ranger
• Navy Thunder Ranger
• Green Samurai Ranger

S.P.D. Key Pack B
• Pink S.P.D. Ranger
• Omega Ranger
• Shadow Ranger

Mystic Force Key Pack B
• Wolf Warrior
• White Mystic Ranger
• Solaris Knight

RPM Key Pack B
• Green RPM Ranger
• Silver RPM Ranger
• Gold RPM Ranger

These keys are simply fantastic. After trudging through the monotony that was the 2014 Key Packs, it’s a breath of fresh air to see packs with such variety and amazing designs.

The Alien pack not only completes the five Alien Rangers, but it gives us Ninjor. He’s technically not a Ranger, but it’s great to see him added to the ranks instead of a translucent Red or something.
Keys Needed: None

The Zeo pack completes the last three members of the Zeo team. The Gold Ranger could use some arm paint, but he looks really nice.
Keys Needed: None

The Turbo pack is amazing at first glance. The addition of Blue Senturion and Phantom (a US exclusive Key, since his character in Carranger was more or less a one-off character) is pretty amazing. Unfortunately Pink Turbo was already in the TRU 20 Key Morpher Pack, meaning we still don’t have a Yellow Turbo to complete the team. If Pink was Yellow, we’d be done.
Keys Needed: Yellow

The Lost Galaxy pack is another disappointment. While Yellow and Magna Defender both look really great (Magna Defender’s head sculpt in particular), the inclusion of a translucent Green over the Pink Ranger means we’re another member shy of completing this team. There’s really no reason for her not being in this set.
Keys Needed: Pink

The Ninja Storm pack is easily one of the winners of the wave. Crimson and Navy are both really great in both sculpt and paint. Green Samurai rounds out the whole Ninja Storm team, and is even done in a neat off-green color to match the color of the suit in most Hurricaneger footage! I love the attention to detail on this key.
Keys Needed: None

The S.P.D. pack is another pretty cool pack. While it’s unfortunately we couldn’t get Yellow to complete the core five, it’s still awesome to get Shadow Ranger, one of my favorite designs. The paint and sculpt on both Omega and Shadow are really well done, and are easily some of my favorite Keys of the wave.
Keys Needed: Yellow, Kat, Nova

The Mystic Force pack is by far the best Key Pack we’ve ever gotten. We still need both Blue and Pink to complete the team, but the fact that Bandai decided to include both White and Wolf Warrior in the same Key Pack (with both of them being support in essence) is pretty amazing. Wolf Warrior is my favorite design of all time, so it’s fantastic to see him in US Key form. Given Udonna’s importance to the series, I’m glad she was able to get a really nice Key as well. Finally, the gold on Solaris Knight is just beautifully done.
Keys Needed: Blue, Pink

Finally, the RPM pack is great as well. We still need Black to finish the series (and the Combo Key), but they did the best they could. Ziggy is a favorite character, so I’m glad we got him. Gemma’s silver is absolutely beautiful on display. Combined with the gold used on Gem’s Key, the duo looks absolutely beautiful. Bravo on Bandai for the paint on these. They totally kick Japan’s mustard and gray Keys for sure.
Keys Needed: Black

Overall, while we still have some holes in the collection, and the inclusions of Pink Turbo and the translucent Green Galaxy are flops, the rest of the packs more than make up for it. The sixth Ranger sculpts and paint are all incredibly well done. The colors match well to the show, the metallic gold and silver are beautiful, and the entire wave just makes me incredibly happy. We have at least 7 more sets coming in a few months. Hopefully Bandai decides to release a few more and finishes up these teams. I would love to have every single Power Ranger in Key form by the end of 2015. Make it happen Bandai.

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