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Unboxing: Arcade Block – January, 2015

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Gaming has always been a core element of the Nerd Block Classic, but the company has hence decided to split the world of gamin into a new product: Arcade Block. For the same $19.99 plus shipping as Nerd Block Classic, you get a t-shirt and a boxful of goodies all related to your favorite gaming franchises. What you get inside is random every month, so you never know what franchises or items the Block Crew will touch upon next. For those of you not quite into gaming, you can check out Nerd Block Classic (pop culture/comic based), Horror Block (horror based), or the Nerd Block Jr. (kid franchises) varieties as well. There’s a Block for everyone! Click on the link below to subscribe.

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Contents of January 2015’s block, as well as my unboxing video are after the jump.



• Donkey Kong “They See Me Rollin'” T-Shirt
• Plants vs. Zombies “Timepocalypse” Trade Paperback
• Sega Genesis Retro Buttons
• MegaBloks Halo Rapid Attack Covenant Ghost Set
• Tetris Notebook
• Playful Gorilla Gaming Stickers

Arcade Block is really hitting it out of the park with these blocks, especially when you compare it to Nerd Block, which I feel has more or less fallen on its behind. I just want to talk about how awesome the T-Shirt is this month. I’ve liked all the shirts I got, but this one just makes me laugh to no end. Cat and I are both fans of PvZ, so having a comic about it is extra cool! The retro buttons aren’t all that amazing, but you can never go wrong with buttons. The Tetris notebook is something I already owned from a previous Nerd Block, but since I shipped that one off to a buddy for his birthday, I get to keep one for myself! The stickers I could really do with or without. The MegaBloks set though is the real winner for me. Sure, it’s an older set that probably went on deep clearance, but I don’t actively pick these up, so just getting one out of the blue is really cool. As a fan of Halo and MegaBloks in general, I just really like receiving a full set like this. Overall, this block is another winner. Arcade Block has more or less cemented their place as my favorite of the subscription boxes are partake in. Like I always say, I don’t know if it has to do with my love of gaming that makes this sit on top, or the fact that they’ve actually put out some pretty great products in here. Great job guys.

As always, these aren’t for everyone, but if you’re willing to dish out about $30 a month for a surprise box filled with a bunch of neat (and possibly exclusive!) items, then this is a great thing to do. If you’re a horror fan, comic fan or have children you want to share the experience with, be sure to check out the Horror Block, Nerd Block Classic, and Nerd Block Jr. subscriptions as well. These things are really fun to me, and I look forward to next month’s Block.

Thanks Arcade Block!

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