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Unboxing: Pokémon TCG – XY Primal Clash 3-Booster Promo Blister

Pokémon TCG – XY Primal Clash 3-Booster Promo Blister
$11.99 at Most Major Retailers


Every set The Pokémon Company International throws us two different 3-Booster Promo Blister packs. As the name suggests, each pack comes with three Booster Packs of that set, a promo card of some sort, and a coin. Primal Clash gives us a set featuring a holofoil variant of XY Furfrou, along with an all new XY40 promo of Ditto. The coin I got was a stained glass style silver Fennekin toy. As with all of these promo packs, these are a nice way of picking up packs at retail. Three booster packs cost over $12 as it is, so you might as well get a promo and coin for free. The Ditto promo itself isn’t all that great, and the artwork honestly creeps me out a little bit. That being said, if you’re a number promo collector, you need to be picking this up.

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