Tutorial: Nintendo 3DS to New Nintendo 3DS File Transfer

Nintendo 3DS to New Nintendo 3DS File Transfer


For those of you purchasing a New Nintendo 3DS XL certainly don’t want to start 100% over from scratch! Thankfully you can simply transfer your data from one 3DS to another just by a few simple menu selections. Normally you could just pop the old SD card into the new system, but unfortunately the New Nintendo 3DS uses MicroSD instead of standard SD. This means the process is a little more involved then it normally would be. Thankfully the process is still super easy, but just in case you’re not too sure, I filmed my own system transfer, so feel free to follow along!

To transfer system data and settings:
• On both systems, go to Systems Settings, then System Transfer. The system will connect to the internet to make sure a transfer is possible.
• Simply follow the on screen instructions. Once all games are safely on the SD card, the transfer will begin.
• Watch the adorable Pikmin transfer all your settings and data to the new system!

To transfer SD data to MicroSD:
• Make sure that the system has moved all on system games onto the SD card.
• Pop the SD Card into your computer, or an external SD card reader.
• Drag the “DCIM” and “Nintendo 3DS” folders onto your desktop.
• Put the MicroSD card (via an SD Adapter sold separately or included with the MicroSD card) into your computer. Make sure the MicroSD is free of any files.
• If your SD card is higher than 32GB: Make sure you format the card into the FAT-32 format from the exFAT format. It needs to be FAT-32 for the DS to recognize this.
• If your SD card is 32GB or under: Just drag the “DCIM” and “Nintendo 3DS” folders from your desktop onto the MicroSD.
• Pop the MicroSD into the New Nintendo 3DS, and continue the transfer process.

After this, you should be viewing your old 3DS set up on your New 3DS! This method can also be used if you wish to upgrade to a larger MicroSD or SD Card later on! I’ve done it several times since I got my original 3DS at launch. It may seem difficult, but if you know how to drag and drop, and listen to instructions, you shouldn’t get lost or have any issues.



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