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Review: Spider, Bat, and Cobra Viral Cores (Kamen Rider Drive)

Spider Viral Core – SG Shift Car 3
Bat Viral Core – Capsule Shift Car 04
Cobra Viral Core – Capsule Shift Car 04


As seen in the show, the Roidmudes use Viral Cores to further their evolution and gain physical form. These Viral Cores are different than Chaser’s Viral Cores in that they are colored (as opposed to silver) and don’t activate new attack sounds in the Break Gunner (functioning similar to a Shift Car in that regard). The Spider Viral Core was released in December, 2014 in the SG Shift Car 3 Candy Toy set. Bat Viral Core and Cobra Viral Core were both released in December, 2014 as well in the Capsule Shift Car 04 Gashapon set.

As mentioned, the designs are exactly the same as Chaser’s variants, however these Viral Cores are black in color. Spider is now a red-orange, Bat is a dark gray, and Cobra is a nice, almost metallic dark blue. In the Break Gunner, they function similar to a Shift Car in that they activate a new phrase, but don’t have a unique attack sound. This gives you the “Tune! Spide!” “Tune! Bat!” and “Tune! Cobra!” sounds, as well as their own “Execution! Full Break!” sounds as well. They play the same sounds as the Chaser versions in the Mach Driver, just without the “Chaser” part to the phrase. Finally, they all play the usual “Dangerous!” sound in the Drive Driver.

Overall, while nothing special, they’re neat to have. They look great on display with the Chaser versions! If you’re not an absolute completist though, it’s pretty easy to pass on these considering the Chaser versions do more, and arguably look way more eye-catching. Regardless, there’s nothing wrong with the releases and are great pick ups for fans.

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