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Unboxing: Pokémon TCG – XY Primal Clash Booster Box with Theme Decks

XY Primal Clash Booster Box
Earth’s Pulse Theme Deck
Ocean’s Core Theme Deck


Primal Clash is our first XY set that is centered around Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Besides heavily featuring many Generation III Pokémon, Primal Clash introduces a new (minor) mechanic called Ancient Traits. Ancient Traits are basically abilities that a Pokémon can have that can (at this time) not be turned off. Each Ancient Trait begins with either an Alpha or Omega symbol, tying into the game titles. These traits can range from being able to attack twice, attach two energy, double healing amounts, or being immune to trainer cards. While the concept is great, there are very few Pokémon that can effectively use them. At least they give us some neat half-art cards out of it. With a number of neat new decks popping up thanks to the set, it’s definitely a fun opening.

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That being said, this box was absolutely insane. I can’t believe the number of rarer cards outnumbered the normal holos. The collector in me is both angry that I need so many holos now, but relieved that I got so many of the rarer cards. The player in me is moderately disappointed at the pulls, as a lot of the necessary trainer cards never really showed up in droves, and of the EXs pulled, only a few of them were playable. That being said, the weird pull rate I was experiencing made it a very amusing unboxing. I can definitely say I’m not used to it, especially after the Phantom Forces box I opened a while back. Might have to get another box if the rates are this good.

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Overall, it was a fantastic opening that was certainly fun to do. Huge thanks to The Pokémon Company International for hooking me up with this box. It’s great working with them to help promote the game I love so much. Stay tuned to my channel for more unboxings as more new sets are released!

[youtube http://youtu.be/GVHBsYwNl4A]

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