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Review: Shift High Speed Televi-Kun Ver. (Kamen Rider Drive)

Shift High Speed Televi-Kun Ver.
Televi-Kun February, 2015 Issue


Every year we always get some sort of pack in bonus in Magazines, providing the gimmick is simple enough, like Astro Switches or Wizard Rings. Rider pack ins return with Shift Cars! The second was released in early January, 2015, included in the February, 2015 issue of Televi-Kun. Our next magazine Shift Car is an all new Shift Car in the form of Shift High Speed. While the same as Shift Speed (even producing a lot of the same noises), it’s technically an all new Shift Car that grants Drive an all new form. It’s constructed similar to the Gashapon or Candy Toy release in terms of plastic quality, but features the DX one flip joint. Like the Shift Speed before, Shift High Speed is plain with no paint. Stickers are included in the magazine to make it look like the normal Shift Car, or something a little more interesting with multiple other stickers to use.

Only seen in the fourth Special Mission for Kamen Rider Drive, in order to fight a Roidmude clone called Imitation Drive, Drive received the Shift High Speed Shift Car. This Shift Car lets Drive transform into Type High Speed. This form is a powered up style of Type Speed done in a gorgeous silver color with some new shoulder pads. Of course, this gives Shift High Speed a similar silver color. Outside of the Drive Driver saying “High!” before “Speed!” and displaying a “!” on the screen, the Shift Car acts much like Shift Speed normally would in terms of sounds and jingles. In the Mach Driver it adds “Chou!” before the usual Speed sound. Like the Shift Speed Televi Magazine Ver., both Drivers say “Televi-Kun!” as the finishing attack phrase.

Overall, while still not absolutely necessary to pick up, this release is a lot more exciting than the Shift Speed from Televi Magazine. This release gives you a new look to an old mold, while giving us a little bit more boost in sounds. It’s not enough to warrant a heavy handed purchase, but enough to entice collectors into wanting to pick it up.

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