Loot Crate, Unboxing

Unboxing: Loot Crate – February, 2015 “Play”


Loot Crate, like Nerd Block, is a monthly subscription service. For $13.37 per month (get it? 1337. INTERNET JOKES!) plus $6 shipping (with three and six month plans as well to save a little money) you receive a box filled with a number of themed “geek and gamer” items supposedly retailing for over $40. Shirts CAN be included, but aren’t necessarily included every month. When they are, the print is exclusive to Loot Crate and can be found nowhere else. Loot Crate also includes a collectible pin and book detailing the theme. The book also has articles and interviews related to the theme as well. Each month carries a specific theme that usually matches something happening in pop culture. For instance, one month was “Titans” dedicated to items based on Attack on Titan and Titanfall. When the Xbox One and PS4 were releasing, the box was “Console Wars.” It’s actually pretty neat. Like Nerd Block, Loot Crate selects one subscriber to receive the “Mega Crate” containing over $750 worth of prizes. While you never really know what’s inside, the franchises are usually easy to guess based on the theme and hints dropped by the Loot Crate crew.

Subcribe to Loot Crate here!

Contents of February, 2015’s Loot Crate, as well as my unboxing video are after the jump.

February, 2015’s Theme: Play

February’s Loot Crate contains:


• Loot Crate “Play” Magazine
• Loot Crate “Play” Pin
• Loot Crate Exclusive Superfight Deck
• Loot Crate Exclusive Rock-Paper-Scissors Dice
• Munny World mini Munny
• Hexbug Ant
• “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline
• Pac-Man Waka Waka Poster
• Digital Loot: Firefly Online Premium Ship

I was ready to cancel Loot Crate last month, but when they announced the theme as “Play” I was left with my foot still in the proverbial door. They advertised a box all about tabletop and co-op gaming. I grew up in a very board game centric home, and still love playing to this day. I stuck around, and what I ended up getting was not what I was expecting. The mini Munny and Hexbug have nothing to do with gaming whatsoever, and I feel the mini Munny is there only because they wanted to run the contest. Everything else, to an extent, is neat. The RPS dice set is pretty alright, but nothing new or overly neat. The poster is pretty awesome, so I definitely want to set that up. Superfight is a game I’ve never heard of, and it seems rather interesting as long as you play with the right group of people. Finally the novel “Ready Player One” was included. I’ve never heard of it, since my reading is pretty slim these days, but the premise seems very intreaging! I’m a big fan of these sci-fi type of books, so I’ll definitely check it out. The novel was the highlight of the set for me and that still only connected to the theme sort of. Overall it was kind of meh. The theme is going to have to REALLY stand out for me to keep me next month.

As with any of these services, these are NOT for everyone. While it’s easy to peg what franchises are included based on the theme and images, the items you are getting are still random. However, at only $13.37 before shipping, the price is a bit easier on the wallet (plus shipping is $4 cheaper than Nerd Block thanks to Loot Crate being US based). Plus when you get a crate with a shirt included, the deal is just unbeatable. Really a great deal.

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