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Unboxing & Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers x The Loyal Subjects Action Vinyls

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers x The Loyal Subjects Action Vinyls
$13.99 Per Blind Box from The Loyal Subjects


Thanks to the kind folks from The Loyal Subjects, I was able to receive eight of the brand new MMPR x TLS Action Vinyl blind boxes. Each blind box retails for around $13.99 a piece, and includes one figure of either the Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger, Rita, Goldar, Lord Zedd, or Green Ranger at a 2/16 ratio, the Black Ranger at a 1/24 ratio, the White Ranger at a 1/48 ratio, or the mystery figure, the Red Ranger with Dragon Shield at a 1/96 ratio. Each figure comes with an accessory or two depending on the character, and features multiple points of simple articulation.

I was familiar with The Loyal Subjects from their Transformers vinyl figures. The Transformers are very blocky and stylized, but are still pretty cool. I was really excited to find out they would be tackling Power Rangers, and even more so when they showed off the figures. They are certainly a stylized approach, but like their TMNT releases, retain a humanoid shape with nine points of articulation. The real kicker was when they showed off the Rangers having human faces, with snap on helmets. We don’t get civilian merchandise too much these days, so it was pretty great to see the level of dedication going into the figures.

The unboxing started off great with the White Ranger, but ultimately spiraled downward as I ended up pulling three duplicates from the eight boxes. I was hoping for a little more variety (and a little more Rangers) but thankfully I know plenty of people buying these up, so I’m sure trading will be pretty easy by the end of it. The rest will have to be hunted off eBay.

The figures themselves are fantastic, but not quite worth the price. As a collector of tons of different lines and tons of different price points, I don’t really see what exactly makes these figures cost the $13.99 TLS is charging for them on their website. That’s not to say they are bad. They’re fantastic little figures that I honestly adore. The sculpts on all of them are attentive to details while retaining a cartoonish charm that I really enjoy. Articulation on all of them isn’t superb, but enough to get some poses and create toys that are fun to fiddle with on your desk. The accessories are sculpted and painted nice too. Finally, the civilian heads on the Rangers, while not totally capturing their actors (Billy is blonde?) by any stretch of the imagination, the concept is really neat and something we haven’t really had since Mystic Force.

I really hope the line continues past MMPR, or at least brings us more characters like Rocky, Adam, Aisha, Rito, Vile, Alpha, etc. The Transformers line has gone on for a few series now, so I have faith that if they sell decent, TLS will bring us some more Power Rangers action. I would love to see it last long enough to move past MMPR. While not worth the $13.99 price, they are great quality toys that I can’t help but recommend.



1 thought on “Unboxing & Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers x The Loyal Subjects Action Vinyls”

  1. The Rangers look great. Can’t say I will be getting them at that price, especially with blind boxing, but they are good looking.

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