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Review: Dino Charger Power Packs Series 1 Wave 3 (Power Rangers Dino Charge)

Dino Charger Power Packs Series 1 Wave 3
$7.97 each from Walmart (Available at Most Major Retailers)


For those curious, the Series 1 Wave 2 releases were the same case assortments as the initial Wave 1 cases (T-Rex, Para, Stego, Raptor, and Tricera). The Wave 1 and Wave 2 cases are probably the difference between the black numbered releases and the white numbered releases. This double release made the second set Wave 3, so that’s what we’re going with.

Our next batch of Dino Charge Power Packs brings us five new dinosaurs and ten new chargers. New in this wave are the Deinonychus, Deinosuchus, Kentrosaurus, Styracosaurus, and Allosaurus. Each set gives us one new dinosaur figure, one new Dino Charger, as well as one new Fossil Charger. The (normal) Dino Chargers in this wave all have foil stickers on the inside of the Charger, different than the plain stickers found in other toys, and the first two waves of Dino Chargers. For those collector types, these cases contain the original five AGAIN, this time with white numbers, big pictures, and of course, foil stickers. Gotta catch them all and such. Each pack retails for $7.97 and were found at my local Walmart.

I really enjoy these packs. While Ranger Key packs were great, there’s something awesome about getting a little dinosaur with these Chargers. By the end of it all, we should have all 24 Chargers in both normal and fossil versions, as well as all the dinosaurs represented in plastic form. That in itself is just awesome, and my favorite thing about the line in general. I can’t get enough of them.

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