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Review: Gaim Lockseed Theater Special Clear Ver. (Kamen Rider Gaim)

Gaim Lockseed Theater Special Clear Ver.
Gaim Summer Movie Freebie


After the “Gaim Arms!” sound was revealed in the Heisei Lockseed, many fans wondered how a Gaim Lockseed would be released. Fans who went to see the Gaim Summer Movie were lucky enough to receive the first Gaim Lockseed, labeled the Theater Special Clear Ver. The Gaim Lockseed would later be made again in a more realistic form in the Capsule Lockseed Armored Rider Set, but for nearly a year this was the only release.

The Lockseed is styled in the Capsule style, with the upper hook being segmented into two pieces. All functions work off the single button in the back. Sounds include the activation, transformation, attack, and a special sound. The attacks are “Orange Squash!” on first press, “Jimber Lemon Au Lait!” at second press, and “Kachidoki Sparking!” on third press, signifying Gaim’s first three main forms.

While it is a fun Lockseed to own, it is not a must own, considering the attacks are recycled (and in essence the transformation is recycled as well). If you own the release from the Armored Rider Set, there’s really no reason to pick this one up unless you’re a hardcore completist. Certainly don’t overpay for it.

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