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Review: DX Shingou-Ax & Signal Chaser with Shift Speed Prototype (Kamen Rider Drive)

DX Shingou-Ax & Signal Chaser
April, 2015 – ¥4,200


To transform into his form of justice, Kamen Rider Chaser, Chase uses the Signal Chaser in the Mach Driver! As Kamen Rider Chaser, Chase wields the mighty Shingou-Ax, an ax weapon designed after a crosswalk traffic light, complete with its own rendition of a walk and don’t walk light! The toy was released in April, 2015 for ¥4,200. For those of you that purchased on day one (or shortly after) were eligible to receive the Shift Speed Prototype Shift Car as part of a campaign bonus Bandai was running.

The Shingou-Ax is a pretty basic weapon. Despite being puny compared to the prop in the show, the Shingou-Ax still does a good job of being a nice ax weapon, as long as you pretend it’s more of a hand ax instead of a large deadly weapon. The toy has one button on the trigger to activate a singular slashing sound. You can press the big red button (designed after the buttons to activate said crosswalks) to hear a wait command. After around five seconds, the toy will tell you to go for it, and you can attack with a neat explosion at the end. You can insert any Shift Car, Signal Bike, or Viral Core into the top of the ax to activate the final attack. After the ax yells “Hissatsu!” you can do a normal slash sound by pressing the trigger. Press the trigger multiple times to hear up to five explosions. Press the red button to wait, and finally initiate the final attack. It doesn’t matter which toy is used, as all function the same.

The Signal Chaser included with the toy is modeled after Chaser’s Ride Chaser bike, just like Mach’s is modeled after the Ride Macher. Use it in the Mach Driver to transform into Kamen Rider Drive. It will activate Drive Type Get Next in the Drive Driver, the “Next System” in the Break Gunner, and “Chaser, hou!” in the Trailer-Hou. The campaign bonus Shift Speed Prototype is a beautiful remold of Shift Speed done in a nice black matte finish paint. Unfortunately this does not activate any new sounds, and does all the same sounds as Shift Speed normally would. Despite that, it’s a beautiful addition to the collection.

Overall, the Shingou-Ax is a pretty nice weapon. The gimmick is sort of clever and random, but I definitely like that about Drive’s toy line. Signal Chaser is a great addition to the collection as well. While the Trailer-Hou still rains supreme in terms of Drive weapon toys, if you’re a big fan of Chaser it’s a neat toy to add to the collection. If you are able to get Shift Speed Prototype along with it, that’s even better.

[youtube http://youtu.be/_m1p6AeQsPs]


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