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Unboxing: Pokémon TCG – Mega Diancie EX Premium Collection

Mega Diancie EX Premium Collection
$39.99 at Most Major Retailers


Unlike the previous Premium Collection, The Pokémon Company International decided to mix it up and give the Premium Collections a new look and price. Instead of what was available in the Mega Metagross EX Premium Collection, the Mega Diancie EX Premium Collection, gives you six booster packs (two Phantom Forces, two Furious Fists, one Flashfire, and one XY), a Diancie EX promo (XY43), a Mega Diancie EX Promo (XY44), a jumbo version of the Mega Diancie EX, a Diancie themed coin, and a Mega Diancie pin for a whopping $40. When you price this out, you’re paying around $16 for two promos, a jumbo, a coin, and a pin. Unless you pull some expensive card in your packs (and considering the sets that is unlikely), the price does not level out at all. If you can get the set for around $30 somewhere, that’s plenty reasonable, but at a $40 price point, it’s no wonder these are warming the shelves.

[youtube http://youtu.be/BAm-Cpewasc]

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