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Unboxing: Pokémon TCG – Roaring Skies Elite Trainer Box

Roaring Skies Elite Trainer Box
$39.99 at Most Major Retailers

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 8.23.43 AM

As touched upon previously in the many other Elite Trainer Boxes we’ve done on this channel, an Elite Trainer Box is a special box The Pokémon Company releases after every new TCG expansion for around $39.99 depending on retail location. The Elite Trainer Box includes eight booster packs of that TCG expansion, 45 Energy Cards, four expansion marked card dividers, a set of 65 expansion marked card sleeves, a translucent expansion marked translucent die, a set of six expansion marked damage counter dice, an acrylic burn marker, and an acrylic poison marker. Also included starting with this release is a PTCGO code card that gives you access to the Rayquaza sleeves in the online game. Neat! As with all booster packs, the truth worth of these is what you pull. Even looking past this, the boxes come with so much gear, that I can’t help but view these as a great deal. At retail, eight packs costs around $32 to begin with, so you’re paying around $8 for a pack of sleeves, markers, dice, dividers, and Energy Cards. That’s a steal for sure, especially given the price of other promotional boxes put together by the company. The Elite Trainer Boxes are worth it for both new players and experienced players alike.

[youtube http://youtu.be/sET9X2cqk7o]

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