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Review: Ammonite Zord with Charger (Power Rangers Dino Charge)

Ammonite Zord with Charger
$16.99 at Most Major Retailers
Purchased from Walmart.com

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Pachy Zord’s buddy is none other than the Ammonite Zord! I know what you might be thinking. “Shuki! Gurumonite never had a Zyudenryu form in Kyoryuger!” You’d be correct, he didn’t. He didn’t even have a CGI model like a few of the Guardians did in that short scene. Instead of taking the easy remold route like making an Oviraptor or Fukuiraptor from the Raptor Zord mold, or Styracosaurus from the Tricera Zord mold, Bandai went to work and made an all new mold that has absolutely zero repaint potential whatsoever. Of course, included with the Ammonite Zord is the Ammonite (Dino Hypnotize) Charger in a non-foil format exclusive to this release. I picked him up from Walmart.com with most of these Fall toys for $16.99.

Ammonite Zord’s color doesn’t exactly match the Charger, but it’s definitely a vastly different shade than the Raptor Zord, which works really well to give combinations using both a bit of a twist. The Zord itself is very tank-like, with treads at the bottom of the Zord to give it that appearance. Ammonite has a great action gimmick. When you insert a Charger or press the two gray levers all the way forward, the round shell of the Zord will zip forward. It’s not super strong, but on the right surface it can go the distance and be really fun to play with. The Ammonite Zord can become an arm for the Dino Charge or Ptera Charge Megazord by flipping the backstop down, flipping a ZordBuilder port out, and attaching the shell back onto that port sideways. There’s no fist on the arm, but it does convert the arm into a big gatling gun, which is pretty awesome. Better yet, the ZordBuilder port on the belly of the beast means it can be attached to other ports to become a wicked awesome shoulder mounted gun.

I love this toy. It’s incredibly simple, but the launching gimmick is super fun, especially if you make a bowling game out of it. Vivix bowling anyone? He doesn’t make the best arm exactly, but a giant gun arm isn’t too bad, and the ability to attach to the leg or shoulder both make it a worthwhile addition to the line-up. Even if you have no plans on getting non-show toys, take a look at this guy, he’s well worth it.

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