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Review: Dino Charger Power Packs Series 2 Wave 1 (Power Rangers Dino Charge)

Dino Charger Power Packs Series 2 Wave 1
$7.99 Each from Toys R Us

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Despite still needing three more Series 1 releases to complete Dino Charge’s run of Dino Charger Power Packs, stores (or Bandai themselves) skipped this assortment and went straight to the first wave of Series 2 Dino Charger Power Packs instead. Of course, the 24 main Dino Chargers wouldn’t be enough to fluff out two years worth of product, so to remedy this, Bandai America has developed multiple variants of Dino Chargers to release over the two years. Series 2 gives us translucent dinosaur figures to go with our Series 1 opaque versions. The Dino Chargers are the real stars of Series 2 however. The main charger included in each pack is inverted in color, meaning the color of the dinosaur is the color of the Charger, and the inside is silver, instead of the normal color layout. These Chargers feature four panels like normal, that complete a running or attack animation over a green background. The other Chargers are also inverted in color, but are made of translucent plastic with a yellow inside to shake things up. These Chargers feature four panels that complete a transition from egg to Zord. Each Power Pack was purchased from my local Toys R Us for $7.99 a piece. While not fully in the review, the Series 1 Ptera Pack was packed in this case as well, and is the first release of this Power Pack to hit stores, though the Pachy and Archelon packs are still nowhere to be found.

The dinosaur figures are nothing special, and are simply translucent versions of the ones you already have. Though it’s worth noting that this wave does give us both versions of the Ptera Zord, as well as the first release of the Pachy Zord, albeit in a clear version. Despite not being new, or different colors, or anything like that, they do look really nice in the right lighting conditions. Feel free to mix and match them with other opaque dinosaurs for some wild and crazy times. Yeehaw.

The “Attack Chargers” as I’m calling them, are a mixed bag. The Chargers themselves are pretty amazing to me. The silver inside isn’t much, but the colored outsides are really great, and I’m slightly upset Kyoryuger never released anything like this. While the normal Dino Chargers are uniform and neat, there’s something about the colors on the outside that makes them all feel unique and fun to look at. The “attack” feature is sort of subpar. The foil pattern on these make it hard to make out the picture. Probably would have been better if these were not foil. The physical Charger however is worth it.

The “Egg Chargers” as I’m calling those, are far from a mixed bag. Like the Fossil Chargers from Series 1, these are actually my favorite part of the sets. The translucent plastic used for the base of the Chargers is brilliant, and the light shining through them is great to see on display. The yellow inside is hit or miss for some, but given how coherent yellow is as a sub-color in the Dino Charge toy line, I’m cool with it. The pictures are great though, as the egg slowly glows and forms the zord. While most of the CG renders are just nicely colored renders of the toy design, that doesn’t stop it from being a nice touch. These are my favorite Dino Chargers to date.

Overall, the Series 2 Charger sets are pretty great. If you’re a collector that wants show accuracy, then I can see skipping them, however, if you really like the Dino Charger line thus far, these are easy pick ups. The translucent dinosaurs could be cooler (metallic, different colors, something like that), but the two new variants of Chargers look amazing, and I’m glad I decided to pick these up. Can’t wait to see some of the upcoming Series 2 releases during Dino Super Charge. Though we still need Series 1 Pachy and Archelon please…

[youtube https://youtu.be/ikoSrqzshfI]

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