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Review: Cyber Card Set Vol. 03 (Ultraman X)

Cyber Card Set Vol. 03
September, 2015 – ¥1,200

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Our third venture into the Cyber Card Sets brings us eight all new cards: four Ultra Hero Cards, and four Ultra Monster Cards. Vol. 03 brings us Zoffy, Ultraman Ace, Ultraman Cosmos, Ultraman Max as well as Cyber King Joe, Cyber Zetton, Cyber Valky, and Cyber Dada. Yeah, there’s actually a monster called Dada. While this set only brings us one new MonsArmor card (Cyber Zetton), it does give us Ultraman Max, a card given to Daichi by Ultraman Max himself that gives X a new finisher attack. As with most Cyber Card Sets, Vol. 03 retailed for around ¥1,200 when it was released in September, 2015.

There’s nothing particularly new here in terms of features. Each Ultra Hero Card can activates the Condition Check and Simulation features with the XDevizer closed. While open, the Ultra Hero Card channels there power with both battle cry and final attack features. Ultra Monster Cards activate Condition Check and Power features with the XDevizer closed. With the device open any of the Monster Cards initiate the MonsArmor transformation. When transformed, you can hear the battle cry and final attack sounds as well. It’s worth noting that only Cyber Zetton has a proper final attack, as it is the only of the four Ultra Monster Cards that actually functions in the show.

If you’ve been collecting up until this point, you know what to expect with these sets. The Ultra Hero Cards activate some cool final attack sounds while the Ultra Monsters activate new MonsArmors. While that sounds cool, it’s still disappointing that only one card activates a final attack. Regardless, the cards are fun to collect in general, and the art and designs are always really nice to see. I need more space in my binder!


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