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Review & Demo: DX Robin Ghost Eyecon (Kamen Rider Ghost)

DX Robin Ghost Eyecon
October, 2015 – ¥600

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Our first single release Ghost Eyecon is the spirit of Robin Hood, known as the DX Robin Ghost Eyecon! This little Ghost Eyecon allows the user to transform with the Robin Damashii to inherit the skills of the master thief…archer…dude. Of course, the toy is fully functional with the DX Ghost Driver, and all future Ghost Eyecon related toys. It was released in October, 2015 for ¥600, a nice affordable price for kids and collectors alike.

There isn’t a whole lot additional to say here. It clicks through the same four symbols that we’re used to: Eye, Number, Transformation, Final Attack. Being a fan of Arrow, and archery in general, this is my favorite form so far, and I really like the transformation music. The ending melody of the transformation even sounds like a score from Arrow, it’s really cool. It’s worth noting that the top of the Eyecon says “Robin” while in the show it reads “Robin Hood”. I don’t know if the show will change in the future, or if the DX toy will continue to be wrong for eternity. The Capsule Toy release of the Robin Ghost Eyecon does say “Robin Hood” on the top. If the Candy Toy release does as well, one could take the foil sticker from the Candy Toy and transplant it on to the DX toy to create a show accurate presentation. We’ll have to wait and see.

Overall, the Robin Ghost Eyecon, while inaccurate, is still fun with its sounds, melody, and overall look of the logos. That’s about as far as it goes though. The Eyecons so far don’t interact with any other toys, so buying a Ghost Eyecon is basically like buying a text tone length jingle for the Ghost Driver. That being said, it looks nice on display with the others, and is a small, affordable addition to the collection.




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