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Review: Power Rangers Dino Charge Villain Figures Wave 1 (Action Heroes Wave 6)

Power Rangers Dino Charge Villain Figures Wave 1 (Action Heroes Wave 6)
$9.99 from Toys R Us (price varies by store)


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Super Megaforce filled the line full of a number of Legendary Rangers to honor the form changing gimmick of the show. Instead of filling the Dino Charge figure line with some of the missing sixth Rangers, Bandai opted to bring the line back to its early roots by releasing a full series of villain figures! The Dino Charge line brings ten new villains (bringing the total to 12) to stretch the sixth and seventh waves of “Action Hero” figures. The first assortment of five contains Ice Age (labeled Ice Monster on the box), Puzzler, Bones, Wrench, and Curio. I found the batch at Toys R Us, but they’ve been spotted at other stores like Walmart as well.

Each of the villain figures has a decent list of pros and cons. Some of the figures such as Ice Age and Wrench, have decent articulation. Some of the other figures, like Puzzler or Bones, have nicely painted details. Unfortunately none of the figures seem to share both. Ice Age has nice molded details, but lacks any sort of paint to bring them out. His giant claws are impressive however and surprisingly don’t make the figure topple over. Puzzler looks nice (sans those bottom legs) but unfortunately lacks some much needed shoulder and elbow articulation to really make him shine. Bones is the best looking of the bunch for sure, but thanks to the big coat making his legs small little nubs, and his giant shoulders making the articulation next to nothing, he doesn’t do much besides look nice. Wrench, sans missing knees, is a nice figure and probably the most balanced of the bunch. Curio, like Ice Age, has a lot of wonderful molded in details that are just hidden away in a flat figure. The cape like shawl on him would make shoulder articulation useless, if he had any in the first place. He also lacks elbows or knees that would add some much needed character to the toy. He does include his little watering can though. You know, that thing that isn’t in Dino Charge yet.

Overall, these figures are decent. Nothing more, nothing less. With how great Fury and Vivix were, I was really hoping these were going to be great, but unfortunately they’re just sub par. With some customization, they can all look great, but straight out of the box, you get what you pay for. Curio and Wrench are recommended to keep building your Sledge Army, but the others are pretty passable unless you really like one of those villain designs.

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