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Unboxing: Pokémon TCG – XY: BREAKthrough Promo Blister Packs

XY: BREAKthrough Promo Blister Packs
$4.99 each for the Single Packs
$11.99 each for the Triple Packs


The newest set, BREAKthrough, is upon us, and with it is a huge amount of promo blister packs and boxes. Our first venture into the set (ignoring the Mega Blaziken and Mega Swampert Premium Collections) is a look at the various Promo Blister Packs available for the set. Like most sets, it released with two triple pack promo blisters and two single pack promo blisters. The two single pack blisters contain a galaxy foil variant of the Furious Fists Hawlucha as well as XY62, Jirachi. The triple pack blisters contain XY92, Sableye, and XY93, Celebi. The promos have interesting abilities and attacks, but are unfortunately just not very playable cards. Each pack includes a silver stained glass foil coin featuring Chespin, Fennekin, or Froakie. Finally, each set is made up entirely of BREAKthrough booster packs, to help build your card pool of the new set. At $4.99 ant $11.99 the price is right, especially for the triple packs. It’s generally nicer to pick up one of these instead of outright buying boosters, as you get a nice promo card and coin to add to your collections as well. While I didn’t pick it up for video, the inclusion of the Furious Fists Hawlucha is really great, as the card easily went for $3 or more anyway, so being able to get such a good card right off the shelf is pretty nice.


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